2022-2023 School Year


  1. Students must wear the light blue polo shirt if it is not a Gym day
  2. Navy blue or black pants are required
  3. Leggings, jeans, and sweatpants are not acceptable uniform pants
  4. Students are permitted to wear sneakers or closed-toe shoes.  Flip flops, slides, and crocs are not permitted.
  5. Students must wear The LINC Physical Education T-shirt with navy blue, black or gray sweatpants on Gym days only
  6. The LINC hooded sweatshirt is optional and may be worn over either uniform
  7. Students may not wear the hood over their heads while in the school building
  8. Dress Down days are announced weekly and are usually fundraisers for the Student Activities Fund


Uniform shirts can be ordered from the school.  Order forms are available in the Main Office.  Once the order is placed and paid in full, the uniform order will then be delivered to the school within 2-4 days. Pricing for shirts is as follows, CASH ONLY PLEASE:

  • $25.00 for 2 light blue polo shirts with school logo
  • $13.00 for 1 light blue polo shirt with school logo
  • $10.00 for 1 “The LINC Phys Ed” Gym T-shirt (only required for students taking Gym)
  • $25.00 for The LINC hooded sweatshirt (Optional)
  • Navy blue or black pants and skirts can be purchased elsewhere

Please call the Main Office for more information.