About Us

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How is The LINC High School different from other schools?

The LINC High School is focused on project and problem-based learning to better prepare students for post-secondary schooling and the work force. Through our non-traditional instructional approach, our students work in teams, made up of their peers, faculty members, and community partners to create and implement design challenges that address pressing issues in the community, the city of Philadelphia, and our society. To learn and do this work effectively, each student is given a laptop to utilize throughout the school day.


  • The LINC is the only school in Pennsylvania to be a member of The New Tech Network.
  • All students use Chrome Books in each class.
  • The LINC is also focused on digital media literacy and students have access to a recording studio.
  • Teachers are dedicated advisors and strong relationships matter between students, staff, and parents.
  • Student “voice” is essential and students actively participate in school leadership through their Student Council and the LINC Lions program.
  • LINC staff ensure there are many enrichment opportunities for students by planning together, developing cross-content projects, and arranging outside trips.
  • There is a strong focus on post-graduation planning and all juniors and seniors have dedicated time in the Counseling College & Career Center.
  • We are dedicated to creating a family atmosphere, celebrating diversity and beautifying our building!

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