School Schedule

  • Students must swipe in with their Student ID Card every day by 8:15 AM, the official start time
  • Students are dismissed at 3:19 PM, except on Wednesdays
  • Students are dismissed every Wednesday at 2:00 PM
  • The school day is comprised of 4 block class periods that are 85 minutes long, a 30 minute Seminar class, 30 minute lunch, and a 12 minute break between blocks 3 and 4 called LINC Commons
  • All blocks are shortened when there are districtwide early dismissal days
  • After school clubs typically meet 1 day per week
  • Students must be in good-standing academically, have satisfactory attendance, and exhibit no chronic disciplinary concerns in order to participate in after school clubs

Cell Phone Policy

  • Cell phones are not permitted in class.
  • Students have the option of either leaving it at home or handing the phone in for the day.
  • Students must hand the phone in when they arrive
  • Cell phones are returned at the end of the day in the last block period class.
  • All cell phones are kept in a labeled pocket with the student’s name and locked in an office during the school day
  • If a cell phone is not submitted upon arrival and it is lost/stolen/broken during the school day, The LINC will NOT be responsible for the loss.
  • If there is an emergency during the school day, students will be permitted to use the phone or use a school landline phone
  • Parents may call the Main Office during the school day as well if there is an emergency

Uniform Policy

  • Students must wear the light blue polo shirt if it is not a Gym day
  • Navy blue or black pants are permitted
  • Leggings, jeans, and sweatpants are not acceptable uniform pants
  • Students are permitted to wear sneakers or closed-toe shoes
  • Students must wear The LINC Physical Education T-shirt with navy blue, black or gray sweatpants on Gym days only
  • The LINC hooded sweatshirt may be worn over either uniform
  • Students may not wear the hood over their heads while in the school building
  • Dress Down days are announced weekly and are usually fundraisers for the Student Activities Fund

*Please click on the Uniform tab above for purchasing information.

School ID Card

  • All students must have their school ID card every day to swipe in and be marked present for the day
  • The first ID is free, if a replacement is needed the fee is $5.00

Please see Ms. Gerena, Dean of Students, for a new or replacement ID card.

Student Attendance

Students are expected to be in school on-time every day. The LINC High School follows the protocols for student attendance as set forth by The School District of Philadelphia’s Office of Attendance & Truancy.

Absence notes can be submitted one of two ways. The parent can complete an Absence Note using the link on the Home page or students may submit written notes from a parent to Mrs. Miller, School Secretary, in the Main Office.

Student Transportation

  • Students who are eligible to receive a SEPTA Keycard will receive one for the year from Mrs. Thomas, Dean of Students.
  • The School District of Philadelphia determines eligibility for a Keycard based on distance.
  • Students must live more than 1.5 miles away from the school.
  • The LINC does not make any eligibility decisions and cannot provide a Keycard to any student who is deemed ineligible.
  • The LINC only receives enough Keycards for eligible students, we do not receive any extra Keycards.
  • If you move, it is important to update the student’s address with Mrs. Miller, School Secretary, by showing the appropriate documents. Please contact her for more information.

Student Behavior

The LINC High School follows all policies as set forth by The School District of Philadelphia. All students are expected to abide by the 2021-2022 Code of Student Conduct.

Staff at The LINC use progressive disciplinary measures to address student behavior. These strategies include speaking to the student on a one-on-one basis to problem-solve, calling a parent, meeting with a parent, issuing a lunch detention(s). A suspension may be issued when these fail to address the concern or if warranted by a serious incident.

Breakfast and Lunch

  • Breakfast is available, free of charge, to all students in the cafeteria from 7:45 AM to 8:15 AM
  • Lunch is also provided for every student


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