Welcome to the Home of The LINC Lions!

Congratulations to Mr. Deutsch, Media Teacher, for being voted

“SRL Connected Educator of the Month | May 2019!”

We are so proud to have Mr. Deutsch and all the exciting projects he brings to students at our school!



The LINC: Learning In New Contexts

Our Mission

The LINC High School exists to prepare all students to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and engaged citizens of their community and the world.

Our Vision

The vision of The LINC High School is that every student graduates and is ready for the world that awaits them.

Core Values

  • Live: We are engaged citizens who take action to make a difference in our world.
  • Love: We each help to build a caring, supportive community through our words, attitudes, and actions.
  • Learn: We believe learning makes us powerful and prepares us for the world.